“Rosenorn showed us what it means to develop and work with Pages and Rolecenters – we are now ready to share the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 2009 with our customers”
Staffan Nilsson, Business Unit Manager, Tectura Sweden

Welcome To Rosenorn

What can we offer you? Well, you probably always make top notch presentations, have flawless super impact demos and an almost 100% win rate - so you don’t need to read on . . . on the other hand, if you could use a little help or adjustment then we might be of assistance.

Having more than a decade of experience in doing award-winning presentations and demos of any style and for any kind of audience all over the World, we can help you put together the right presentation that brings out all your offering’s strong points, and help you put together a demo that shows why it is not a matter of whether the customer can afford your solution, but if they can afford NOT to have it. And to top it off we can help make yourself a better presenter to make the maximum impact.  


Additionally, having worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV at Microsoft/Navision for almost a dozen years, we can offer advice on how to improve your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution especially around understanding and designing for the RoleTailored experience.


We can be your creative sparring partner.

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